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pengeluaran china, which prides itself on its poker strategy section, recently launched PokerTips Premium. This section has special poker videos, strategy articles, and e-books. Access is only given to active forum members and players that sign up at Tony G Poker through one of their affiliate links. They also said they plan on allowing people to just pay for access eventually.

Right now, the section is only available in English. One could expect them to translate it into other languages in the future, particularly German. PokerTips is one of the largest German poker information websites. PokerTips.org was actually translated into German well before most of the online poker sites had their websites or software available in German. PokerTips.org has also said they will do their best to have poker videos made by top German poker players.

Poker has become very popular in Europe recently, particularly Germany. This is because of the expanded TV coverage of poker in Europe. While the poker “boom” in the United States is over, poker is still as big as ever in America, so we can expect that poker is here to stay in Europe as well. It is difficult to say if and when the poker “boom” in Europe will be over. More and more tournaments are being played in Europe, so it is difficult to say when that market will become saturated.

Most people who visit PokerTips.org go there for their poker strategy. Their poker strategy articles and poker videos are free (except those that are in the PokerTips Premium section). Often, people are able to learn more from reading these articles than buying a poker book. The articles and videos are geared to players of varying skill levels, from people just learning to play poker to advanced players.

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