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CBD Dosing: Finding the Perfect Dose


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CBD products are now everywhere- grocery stores, gas stations, and cafés. The legalization of medical marijuana has led to the skyrocketing need forCBD. The hemp-derived product is also considered legitimate for various health solutions, such as anxiety, depression, and epilepsy.

If you’re planning to incorporate CBD products at Moon Mother Hemp into your lifestyle, you might be wondering what’s the right form and dosage. First, CBD products don’t have federal regulations or oversights. So determining the right dosage can be tricky.

Different CBD Forms and Dosages

If you’re new to cannabidiol, you’re in the right place. This in-depth dosing guide offers a wealth of educational tips to help you take your CBD safely. Different forms of CBD are formulated with different dosing measurements.

Let’s take a keen look into the dosing.

1.      CBD Tinctures and Oils

Dosing CBD tincture or oil depends on the overall content of the CBD product. But the first step is to ensure your product is authentic with clear labeling of components included. Ensure you check the milliliter of hemp oil. Distributors label that total mg per bottle for easy dosing.

Normally, 1 ml of CBD oil is equivalent to 20 drops. So you may use a syringe to get the exact dosage instead of the dropper that comes with the bottle. You can compare the dosage in the syringe in the dropper for fast dosing when you’re in a rush.

CBD is not associated with toxicity, but starting with low dosages is recommended. This all-natural compound reacts differently to different people, so taking it slow will help you feel the full effect. You can start with the dosing guideline as per the manufacturer or cut the amount in half.

Each dose of cannabidiol oil or tincture should be taken at least six hours apart. Place the substance under your tongue for a minute and then swallow. CBD oil has an earthy taste, so taking a glass of water will be helpful.

2.      CBD Vaping

Unlike smoking, CBD vaping helps maximize hits. It’s fun and doesn’t waste resources. But determining the right vaping amount is a hectic process. CBD has varying strengths, with the strongest being isolate, which is recommended to start on low or small doses.

Overweight people can consume more CBD than those with less weight. Body conditions also affect CBD dosing. These are some of the facets to consider when vaping. Although you can consume high CBD, 70 mg is the recommended daily dose. But for a starter, taking 10 mg daily is ideal, and raise the dose afterward.

If CBD vaping treats social anxiety or phobia, you may consider vaping 30 minutes before going out. There are CBD concentrates and flowers that are labeled differently. Concentrates are labeled per gram or percentage, while flowers are measured in 1000 mg of CBD.

When you’re on medication, your CBD vaping will significantly change. Keep off medicines with grapefruit warnings when vaping since they react with CBD. Just like the standard medication, vaping too much CBD can have implications. Some of the overdosing effects include:

  • Tiredness
  • Low blood pressure
  • Loss of appetite
  • Dry mouth and eyes
  • Diarrhea

It’s advisable to seek help from your healthcare provider.

3.      CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are convenient, colorful,bite-sized, and easy to consume. But does this mean you can eat them like gummy vitamins or candies? Although gummies are tasty, taking the right dosage will deliver the desired personal effect.

So, how many gummies should you consume in a day? While FDA doesn’t offer the exact dosage, the right amount depends on various factors, such as your body chemistry, health concerns, and CBD concentration. Gummies come in different CBD concentrations, formulations, and flavors. Gummies require factoring in the body weight, metabolism, intensity of the condition, and body weight to gain optimal efficacy.

Since edibles must go through the digestive system, they take time before you can feel the effect. Normally, it takes 30 to 2 hours to work.

It’s best to start your dose with one or two edibles and increase the dose. A good start is about 15 – 25mg/day, and then increase the dose by 5 to 10 mg until you get the right balance.

CBD Dosing

Apart from Epidiolex, other CBD products are not FDA-approved. This makes it difficult to determine the right dose. But some factors might help you while dosing.

  • Individual factors: You may need to consider several factors before consuming CBD products. These factors include the CBD form you’re taking, the symptoms you want to treat, your weight, age, and sex. Generally, men may consume a larger dose, while people with less weight need to take a lesser dose.
  • Your sensitivity: Your ability to tolerate CBD plays a role in determining the dose you need. You can take small doses as you monitor how you react to CBD. Some people are not affected even on higher doses, while some need to limit their intake.
  • The prevailing symptoms: CBD dosage also depends on the symptoms you want to alleviate. For instance, 300 to 600mg can be the right dose for treating anxiety, while 600 mg/day is ideal for psychosis.

Possible Benefits

Taking the right dose of CBD will deliver great results. Although further research is required, some evidence shows CBD has the following possible benefits.

  • Enhanced sleep: CBD may help in treating sleep problems. It relaxes the muscles and eliminates fatigue to ensure you have quality sleep.
  • Alleviating depression: Studies suggest that CBD may influence how your brain responds to serotonin, which plays an integral role in mood. CBD can trigger the release of serotonin, thus treating depression.
  • Other conditions: Besides enhancing mental wellness, CBD can also treat arthritis, diabetes, nausea, Alzheimer’s, and multiple sclerosis.

But it’s important to note that these benefits are yet to be conclusively proven.

Wrapping Up

Like most substances, CBD products come in different dosages. But studies indicate that the human body can handle 1,500 mg a day. CBD can also have severe interactions with certain medicines. Thus, you should involve healthcare before you start using the hemp-derived compound.

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